Hamburg Business Centre
Schleswig-Holstein Business
Centre (WTSH)
Investitionen in Schleswig - Holstein
BSCI Representative Office in Indien
Social Compliance und BSCI
IGEP - Zertifizierung
von Natursteinen
German-Indian Round Table (GIRT)
Natursteine und Mineralien (MICA & Stone)
Rugmark Stiftung Indien
The Little Keb-School
IGEP offers Indian entrepreneurs:
Support when founding a new company or establishing a subsidiary in Schleswig-Holstein.
Provision of information about the commercial area of Schleswig-Holstein;
Support in finding industrial and commercial space in Schleswig-Holstein;
Provision of information about investment, financing and grant opportunities and support for their implementation;
Promotion of technology projects, research and development activities as well as your foreign commerce commitments;
Connections to foreign companies and organise space in joint offices abroad;
Organising participation in national and international trade fairs;
Consultancy services and guidance for all questions related to start-ups, foreign commerce, innovation and patents.


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