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Corporate Social Responsibility:

IGEP has two decades of experience in bringing working conditions in line with international requirements and wishes of buyers – from avoiding child labour to comprehensive standards. It early developed its own standard ISES2000/2020 and was instrumental in building the BSCI audit system. IGEP is also accredited to certify companies according to ISO regulations. IGEP is now globally accepted as an organization that can provide certifications accordingly.

The IGEP Foundation is the representative office of BSCI (, the Business Social Compliance Initiative, in India.

IGEP is also taking care for many social activities. It runs schools and training centres and organizing health programmes. Examples are the Rugmark activities (, the involvement of the stone industry and the Little Keb-Schools in Neb Sarai/Delhi and Tisri, Barkitand/Jharkhand.

Following the footsteps of Hamburg and the WTSH project, we look forward to further enhance trade relations with European countries. Core focus areas will be promoting bilateral trade increase and identifying appropriate investments opportunities.

IGEP and CSR (Over the years………….)

S. No.





Environmental aspects began in India with the introduction of certification mechanisms for non-utilization of Penta Chloro Phenol (PCP), followed by azo dyes, Formaldehyde, nickel, heavy metals to latest TBT regulations etc. Such prohibitions/bans were acting as non-tariff barriers for Indian exports.

IGEP  played an important role in avoiding set-backs to exports e.g. by

    1. Setting up of 3 PCP Labs
    2. Supporting voluntary agreements on ecological and working conditions(e.g. for shoes, textiles and garments)



Social aspects began with asking for child labour free products in:

  1.  carpet industry
  2.  textiles / garments sector
  3.  leather industry
  4.  sports goods

IGEP offers partnership with the companies and comprehensive solutions. It does not act as an auditor only, but gives consultancy for improvement combined with export promotion.



RUGMARK Foundation India - a brainchild of IGEP Foundation was incorporated in September 1994 under Sec. 25 of the Indian Companies Act of 1956, as a private, voluntary, non-profit entity.
More than 10 million carpets with Rugmark label have been exported from India.



IGEP/GTZ has initiated a new comprehensive standard ISES’2000/2020  according to the Indian conditions.



Establishing of ISES 2000 in a PPP project with Deichmann Shoes (since 1999), later spread over the whole leather industry. Deichmann, the biggest German Shoe importer of the world partnered with his Indian suppliers to improve the Social & Environmental Standards.



Pilot project (PPP) for social and environmental minimum standards with AVE (Foreign Trade Association of German Retail Trade and its members companies), mainly in the textiles/garments industry. 45 companies and their sub suppliers were audited till 2001. IGEP has an experience of conducting more than 500 audits in carpets, leather, jewellery, stones, mica, textiles and other sectors.



Intensive cooperation with Footwear Design & Development Institute (FDDI), Noida  to set up a state-of-the-art laboratory, with advice from PFI, Pirmasens



Co-operation of IGEP/GTZ with United Nations Global Compact for SMEs which looks into a voluntary mandate of CSR.



The Little Keb-School is a special educational project under the programme Kinderhilfe Indien. The Little Keb-School is a challenging project for the children of disadvantaged social segments in Delhi and Jharkhand. The project envisaged in 2001 started functioning in 2002.



IGEP organized the First Round Table for social and environmental compliance in April 2003. Subsequent Round Tables thereof with positive response.




IGEP Foundation has also set-up many programs which aimeat educating the craftsmen/students so that the quality of the final product or semi-finished product is brought up to International Standards. 

Examples: National Training Center for Wood Technology (NTCT) in Jodhpur, Chemical Testing Lab at Footwear Design & Development Institute, Jewellery productions and Designing Institute in Delhi, Jaipur and Mumbai.



Public Private Partnership (PPP) project along with Round Tables with BSCI in 15 countries viz., Turkey, Pakistan, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Philippines, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Romania, Bulgaria, India etc.



The German-India Round Table (GIRT) is an annual event aimed at providing Indian and German SME companies a high-level networking platform for pursuing partnerships and cooperation. First GIRT in India on 14. Feb. 2007. It is a regular feature with IGEP now.



Involvement in Corporate Social Responsibility projects in China and Bangladesh



IGEP has also undertaken social auditing projects in the mica and stone quarrying sector in India.  India is one of the largest producers of Mica and stones such as granite in the world.

IGEP has initiated activities to improve the working conditions in stone quarries in India vis a vis child labour through:

    1. Inspection and  Monitoring of Mica and Granite Fabrication Factories
    2. Support Children’s Education / Crèche Facilities



2009 till now

On 11 September 2009 IGEP Foundation received the international recognition as a certification according to ISO / IEC 17021st by the ETCS SA Luxembourg, Luxembourg. IGEP is now globally accepted organisation that can provide certification of management systems according to ISO 9001.

IGEP Foundation is an ISES 2000 certified body. It has received an accreditation for ISES 2020 a few years back.




Contact Details:

IGEP Foundation
Dr. Dietrich Kebschull/Sharda Subramaniam

Corporate Office:
Apparel House (AEPC)
#630-636, 6.Floor,
Plot No.1, Institutional Area,Sector 44,
Gurgaon - 122 003, Haryana,

Postal Address:
 D-248, Sushant Lok,
Phase I, Gurgaon-122001
Haryana, India

Phone No: 91-124-4048273/ 77, Fax:91-124-4048275,
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