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MICA and Stone Project

IGEP has also undertaken social auditing projects in the mica and stone quarrying sector in India.  India is one of the largest producers of Mica and stones such as granite in the world.

IGEP has initiated activities to improve the working conditions in stone quarries in India vis a vis child labour through:
Inspection and  Monitoring of Mica and Granite Fabrication Factories
Support Children’s Education / Crèche Facilities
The concept of certifying stones has its roots in the carpet industry certifying project being undertaken by Rugmark. Rugmark has more than 15 years of experience in reducing the incidence of child labour in the carpet sector and hence it was decided that IGEP would carry out the inspection work of stone quarries in co-opration with Rugmark.
A memorandum of understanding was signed with the Indian Momnument Manufacturers Association (IMMA) and with the Germany based Interessengemeinschaft Natursteine. The inspection work was started in the summer of 2008.
Inspections are carried out in quarries as well as in the manufacturing units based on accepted regulations. Social standards and requirements are also covered. Standard ISES 2020 of IGEP is introduced to the companies. The first inspection is carried out in co-operation with the quarry and company managers or owners. Subsequent inspections are done without prior announcements.
The system is self financing. Exporters pay 0.25% of the fob value while importers spend 0.75%. Most of this amount will be used for social improvements in the quarry areas.
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