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Trade and investment are growing fast. An increasing number of Indian companies are now looking at Germany and an increasing number of German entrepreneurs are attracted to the Indian market. However, there is still a need for actual, reliable and practically oriented information in India as well as in Germany.

To support business development in an efficient way, professionals in Germany decided in 2003 to establish a Round Table for the provision and exchange of information. Incentives and advantages as well as impediments were discussed. With the help of entrepreneurs and government specialists, solutions could be found quickly in most cases. It was decided that the IGEP Foundation will work as the secretarial for GIRT in India. The objective of the GIRT has been to create a forum where people dealing with India could exchange their knowledge of and experience in India to further Indo-German cooperation and to disseminate information to all potentially interested entrepreneurs and manufacturers in Germany about business and investment opportunities in India.

An Indo-German Round Table (RT) is in existence in Germany founded by German entrepreneurs, who have established joint ventures in India with the help of IGEP and hence IGEP Foundation continues to share special business relations with these RTs. Such RTs exist in eleven German cities (Hamburg, Aachen, Stuttgart, Leipzig, Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, Nürnberg, Düsseldorf, Bremen and Hannover) and Indian promoters like embassy, consulates and banks are involved in the monthly meetings of these RTs. It is planned now by IGEP to establish the Round Table in India too, beginning with Delhi and Chennai. 


Mr. Rudolf Weiler, GIRT Founder, addressing the 1st GIRT in India. Also seen in the picture are (L-R): Dr. D. Kebschull, Mr. A. Sahasranaman, Advisor-OTAT, EU-TIDP and Mr .Gurdial Singh Sandhu, Joint Secretary (IAS), Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers (GoI)

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