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Certification of Natural Stones


Who we are:

  •  An independent organization offering certification against child labor and of adherence to social as well as environmental standards, existing for over 20 years
  • 2009 ISO approved base of operations with the office structure in Gurgaon/New Delhi and Chennai
  • Internationally recognized and successful under German leadership
  • Operational cooperation programs with Rugmark and other child protection initiatives
  • Trustworthy and effective cooperation in politics, administration, associations and businesses
  • A non-profit, socially committed supporter of child care and social welfare projects

What we offer:

  • Comprehensive testing and certification activities of the entire value chain of natural stones
  • Capacity of comprehensive treatment of the entire Indian natural stone export sector
  • Successful, simple and secure settlement system with verifiable high transparency
  • Comprehensive information and advice in economic and legal issues concerning foreign trade , technology transfer and investment
  • Proof of delivery, dating advice and cooperation consultancy for foreign trade
  • Full range of services at most favorable rates , max. 1% - fob as a partner contribution

 How we work:

  • Advising partners on terms and settlement of export transactions
  • Completion of the certification agreement with all stakeholders (importer, exporter, auditors)
  • Initial test involving IGEP and exporters/company owner
  • Documentation of the test results and common definition of amendments
  • Issuance of the certificate and agreement supported by handover protocol for the product label
  • Performing repeated, unannounced inspections at irregular intervals
  • Transparent, verifiable, ongoing documentation of supplies and cost contributions


Our Goals:

    • Elimination and prevention of child labor throughout the natural stone sector
    • Implementation and enforcement of minimum social standards according to local legal requirements and international agreements
    • Creation of a just and fair wage system and promotion of welfare institutions
    • Enforcement of labor protection standards for quarrying and processing
    • Compliance with labor standards with respect to international agreements and recommendations (e.g. ILO)
    • Awareness of penalties for violation of the standards
    • Promotion of health care facilities, social care, education and training
    • Protect the reputation of the export as well as import sector of natural stones
    • Sustainable and transparent imports of natural stones

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